Friday, December 8, 2017

Made-from-Scratch Double-Chocolate Brownies

This is for you, chocolate lovers!
Thick and rich, dense and fudgy - All you can wish in a brownie.
This recipe first appeared on Cooking with Manuela on June 14,2016
Happy National Brownie Day! 
I honestly didn't know it was today until I looked at my Instagram feed this morning. And BAM! All these incredible brownies, in all shapes and sizes, popped out at me.
Now, drooling and begging for a bite, I'm going to hit you with mine. Made-from-scratch, hot-out-of-the-oven, double-chocolate brownies.  Chewy and fudgy, rich and intensely chocolatey... Dangerous, I'm telling you!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Coconut and Double Chocolate Snowman Cookie Balls

Make your holidays sweeter with these adorable and insanely addictive coconut and chocolate snowman cookie balls

Happy December everyone!
Let's start this month with something festive, eye-catching and sinfully delicious. Something that will have you itching to try it out and instantly get you in the holiday spirit. Because, as I said one too many times, baking is an essential part of the holiday season. There's nothing like huddling up in the kitchen with your family or friends, surrounded by melted chocolate, cookie crumbs and lots of candies, and bake something delicious. 
Oh wait! Did I just say "bake"?!? Sorry, but NO baking is needed for today's recipe, just some mixing, melting, decorating, and nibbling of course :) 

These cute snowmen are not only a great weekend activity that you can do with your kids, but they also make the perfect edible holiday gift. Who wouldn't love to receive a batch of these insanely addictive cookie balls and experience the enticing combination of coconut and chocolate, served up in cute melting snowman covered in white chocolate and candies?!
Just look at these!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Savory Bread Pudding With Mushrooms and Speck

This Thanksgiving, indulge yourself in a thick slice of oven warm, savory bread pudding exploding with flavorful mushroom and speck

What's your favorite holiday side dish?! 
Everyone loves their turkey or ham. We all do. But Thanksgiving would not be the same with just turkey or ham. You've got to have all those other delicious dishes on the side. From healthy green beans, to brussels sprouts. Roasted, mashed or sweet potatoes (...or all three!). You've got to have savory stuffing, corn bread and cranberry sauce.
And how about a thick slice of this savory and moist bread pudding, topped with a crunchy, cheesy top, and filled with flavorful mushroom and tasty speck?!? 
This can be a fun and delicious alternative to your traditional stuffing, or an extra side dish that will surely impress your guests.
And why not?!? It might become your new favorite too!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Create a Three-Level Holiday Charcuterie Board

This holiday season take your charcuterie board to a whole new exciting level 
- THREE levels of deliciousness to be exact - 
with Les Trois Petits Cochons
This post is sponsored by Les Trois Petits Cochons in collaboration with Honest Cooking. 
All opinions are mine. Thank you for your support and amazing products!
If you are looking to outshine every other appetizer at your next holiday party, look no farther. 
This three-tier charcuterie tray it's not your usual and boring board. It's an elegant and fancy creation. It has three layers of fun and classy bite-size delicacies. And best of all, it's so easy to pull together! That is thanks to Les Trois Petits Cochons (Three Little Pigs) with their wide variety of high-quality products and their award-winning, all natural pâté that are sure to satisfy every possible cravings.
Trust me, this is the appetizer that your guests will be talking about!
Each level of this charcuterie spread has it's own and unique flavor. All combined and perfectly decorated for the holidays. 
So let's start with a simple way to make the tray more festive. I used rosemary sprigs on each level, and lots of other red edible decorations. You can choose from adorable mini sweet peppers, to pomegranate seeds, and cut-out radish. They not only add a Christmassy color to the tray, but also a delicious, sweet or savory, accent to it. 

For the lower level I used  tasty cave-aged gruyère cheese combined with sliced duck breast and air dried sausage. But you can also add your choice of cheese (buttery brie, spicy gorgonzola or a milder fontina cheese), and your favorite cut meat. Three Little Pigs offers a wide variety of charcuterie (chorizo, jambon de Paris, jambon sec ...).  You can check them out here and make your pick.

Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Make the Perfectly Flaky and Buttery Homemade Pie Crust

Elevate your pie-making skills this holiday season with this
easy-to-follow, made-from-scratch pie crust

Baking is a fundamental part of the holiday season.
Just like the expensive shopping sprees, the never ending Christmas songs on the radio, and the bright decorations all over town. We all go crazy for it (some of us more literally then others!), but we just can't do without any of it :)
I'm pretty sure we can all agree that dinner wouldn't be the same without a fat slice of pie at the end. Whether it's a comforting apple pie, an irresistible strawberry rhubarb pie, or the most classic pecan pie, pies are always welcomed at any table. Anytime!

But your pie is only as good as the pie crust that you are able to whip up. So what you need this holiday season, is a fool-proof recipe that yields the perfectly buttery and flaky crust. Every. Single. Time.
So here is my recipe. Consider this my early Christmas present, just for you...You are very welcome :)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Radicchio and Arugula Salad with Honey-Roasted Pears and Toasted Pecans

This fall-inspired scrumptious salad makes an healthy, easy and perfectly satisfying lunch 

After surviving this Halloween sugar craziness without too much damage (I hope!), I say it's time for an healthy recharge. 
So let's not talk about the peanut butter and chocolate spiders, or the cookie bars loaded with chocolate candies, but let's dive, headfirst, into this scrumptious radicchio and arugula salad that I'm sure you are going to love as much as I do once you try it!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Banana and Strawberry Mummies

Healthy and fun, fruit and chocolate Halloween treats
Here is a great idea for a last-minute, extremely easy and wholesome Halloween treat. 
I used bananas and strawberries to make these mummies, but you can really make it fun and try with any fruit you like.
I used dark and white chocolate to decorate. And my famous (at least in my house!) homemade googly eyes that I just showed you how to make last week.
And now I promise, I will stop with any eye-wearing food from now on ... well, at least until next year Halloween! 
I know I got carried away with the eyes, but look... How can you resist to something so cute?!